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Home Air Purifier
KJ-101(Silver Gray)
Category£ºHome Air Purifier

VII. Technical data

Product NameAir Purifier
Tank Capacity8L

Note: please subject to the actual product if the accessories are changed; the technical data is subjected to the nameplate on the machine body.

VIII. Accessory
¢¡. Main set (1 pc)
¢¢. Operating manual (1 pc)   
¢£. Remote control (1 pc)     

WARNING: PLS fill water into the tank before connected with power.
I.Control Panel

On the topside of the digital screen is on-off button, the rest listed below from the left to right are£ºAirflow¡¢Timing¡¢Purify¡¢Sterilize¡¢Anion¡¢Lampion.

Power button.
Press this button, then airflow light blinks and airflow¡¯s speed (low, medium, high) can be changed circularly.
Press this button, then six drip lights blink and water-washing function starts working.
Press this button, ozone symbol lights blink and ozone generator starts working, produces ozone water to kill varies of bacteria; while purifying (water-washing) function stops. After ozone
water has formed into concentration in 15 minutes, the generator will stop working and the machine will return to original state.
While sterilizing, ozone generator will stop working if you press ¡°Purify¡± button, Water-washing function will start again.
Control working time, up to 9 hours.
When the machine is powered on, press this button to set its running time. After that, it will be automatically off; when the machine is off, the timing is to switch on it.
Under timing state, pressing on-off button will cancel the timer; pressing timing button again will reset the timer.
Press this button, three anion symbol lights blink and ionizer starts working.

II. Introduction for display£º

We used digital screen for showing all working state.

V. Maintenance
Ensure nothing heavy above the airflow outlet.
Please keep the side face of the machine some distance from the wall in order for the ventilation of the inlet.
As the machine has humidifying function, if your room is already very moist please chooses airflow in low speed, or you can choose to stop water washing.
You can also get rid of all filters, only use water washing function.
Keep the power supply off while the machine is not working.
Please go to the appointed place for maintenance.
The machine can give an alarm as the water is lower than the ¡°L¡± water level. If no water refilled, the machine will keep alarming for 1 minute and then water washing system will stop working after 30 minutes.
The alarm will automatically stop after filling water.

VI. Trouble Shooting:


Possible Reason



1. Fill water too fast
2. Fill water too much
3.Dust Bag is blocked by dirts.
1.Fill water slowly
2.Ensure the water level below mark ¡°H¡±.
3.Clean filtration cotton in time


1. Not water filled
2. Water not enough
Fill water and ensure the water level above mark ¡°L¡±. and below ¡°H¡±.

pull off the plastic stopple on the back of the machine. If
necessary, you can also add some detergent to wash the tank

Open the plastic cover on the top of the machine, take off the enzyme smeared filter and HEPA filter. Enzyme smeared filter can be washable and used for more times; After using around one month, it¡¯s better to insolate the HEPA & Activated Carbon compound filter under sunshine for more than 2 hours to keep it dry. The compound filter should be replaced after using 1 years, however it depends on the contaminating degree of the filter.
Wash the filtration cotton in the drawer every month

Connect with the power supply, all lights will blink for 2 seconds, then will darken except for temperature and humidity display.

¢¡£®Temperature display£º
When the machine is connected with a power supply, the digital screen will show the current temperature. Temperature scope£º0¡«80 Celsius degrees.
¢¢£®Humidity display£º
When the machine is connected with a power supply, the digital screen will show the current humidity.
Humidity scope £º10£¥¡«90£¥¡£
¢££®Water volume display£º
When purifying function is working, the drips show circularly.
When the water is not enough for working, all drips will blink and the machine makes a warning alarm for 1 minute.
¢¤£®Anion display£º
When Anion function is working, the Anion symbols will blink circularly.
¢¥£®Sterilize display£º
When sterilizing function is working, the Ozone symbols will blink circularly.
¢¦£®Airflow display£º
When the machine is working, the Airflow¡¯s speed symbol will blink; there¡¯s one, two, three lights blinking separately with the speed on low, medium, high state.

III. Remote control£º

While the machine has been working by pressing this button all the functions will be locked.Pressing any other button cannot change the working status .
Press this button again will unlock all the functions.

Sleep Mode£º
While the machine has been working if you press this button, the machine will run at low speed state, all lights will automatically turn off except the symbol which indicates the fan. At the lack of water state, water-shortage alarm function will be shut off. If the water is dropped less than the low it will light and remid you to add water.If no more water,the air water washing system will stop after half hour.Pressing this button again will be cancelled the sleep mode function.
Pressing this button, the 7-color lampions will blink. Pressing it again, the lampions will be darken.

Note: The functions of buttons on remote control are in accordance with ones on the control panel.

IV.  Notice
Fill water
Take off the water drawer slowly fill water into the water tank.        

¢¡.Please notice the water level mark ¡°H¡±and ¡°L¡±.
¢¢.Please ensure the water level below mark ¡°H¡±.
¢£.Close the drawer after finish filling water.
Please replace the water in time when it isn¡¯t used for long time or is contaminated. The water will automatically flow out if you